How to get free AWS RDP free AWS RDP by krish

How to get free AWS RDP free AWS RDP by krish

 Hello friends today I am giving trick of AWS RDP for all users 

Watch video video in down

Follow process

  • Go to this link (click to visit) 
  • And create a account 
  • Enter name email address password 
  •  After choose person and enter address and mobile number and do proceed
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Free RDP

  • Enter your mobile number and verfiy Mobile number after proceed and choose basic plan 
  • After clcik on launch management console
  • After your account by providing email and pass after you have show wait 24 hour subscribe YouTube channel

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  • After 30 min your account was activated

  • After go to launch a virtual machine do it to desktop mode click on instance
  • After launch instance click on free tier choose windows after choose size 
  • And click on review and launch 
  • Now make a new key pair 
  • Enter any name and download file 
  • And launch now wait for 5 min 
  • After go to instance see you instance click on instance on side click on action option
  • After you have connect option click on connect and choose Rd client and clcik on get password 
  • Locate your download file choose 
  • After you have show your password you have shown all details of RDP 
  • Now you can connect easily 

Hope you will get RDP by this trick 

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