How to get free AWS rdp AWS rdp 30$ RDP trick by TipsKrish

How to get free AWS rdp AWS rdp 30$ RDP trick by TipsKrish

 Hello friends today I am giving trick of AWS rdp 

What is aws ?

AWS means Amazon web services. amazon web services provide on demand cloud computing service as pay as go basic.(if you don't know what is RDP then click).

Free udemy course and free certificate 

Free RDP trick 

What is use of AWS ?

AWS is used for running rdp. And provide hosting, API, mange traffic of website, make bots and we can run servers of unbuntu Linux windows and more.

Some people use AWS rdp for doing illegal work. Some work are this.

1. carding

2. Cracking (it is not illegall but it is a art. But it will do by RDP 

3. Hack websites 

And more.

Free edu mail trick 

Fake mailer spam 

Now topic is how to get free RDP

Requirements for RDP 

1. a edu mail (click to get trick of edu mail)(if you don't know what is edu mail then also click

2. A mobile which have all people's 

3. A internet connection 

If you don't understand all then watch video video in down

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1 login you edu mail account 

2 go to this website (click to visit)

3 signup for AWS educate 

   Enter your edu mail college name 

  Chosse your edu mail college state (if you        don't know your college state then search on Google for example search on Google cirtus college which state to belong you get your college state ) 

  Enter your edu mail address 

Join telegram channel

  Enter date of birth

 Enter graduation date ( don't choose past date choose future you can choose any ) 

   Verfiy you are human verify Google captcha 

4. Fill all required info and click on next 

5. Agree term and condition 

6. Do next and a mail send to your edu mail 

7. Open your edu mail account and verify your edu mail address 

8. After wait 2 to 12 hours you receive your mail in mail you see setup account after you have to go on link (link on your mail) after setup your account choose starter set password you have shown you are how many credits you got 

You got AWS console 

Now you can lauch RDP for free 

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Next is 

How to make RDP on AWS console 

1. Go to "service" tab 

2. Clcik on instance 

3. You see a lauch instance option clcik on option

4. After clcik on free tier only after choose which rdp you want to launch ( I want to launch window RDP)

5.  Choose your desired RDP after do next and choose ram CPU size and click on lauch

6. You show a error you have to make a key pair make a key pair enter any name and download file 


7. After launch RDP wait 1 to 2 minute 

8. Click on connect and choose your key pair file opion and open file after you shown in address username password (your default username is administrator)

9. You login RDP on your PC or mobile (mobile by rd client )  

   If you don't understand this steps then also watch video and follow process video given in up 

You got RDP for free 😀😀😀😀

Thanks for visiting

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